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With an innate ability to bring people together through a love of quality food + meaningful connections, Lucile - or Lu as we all know her here - is the creative food connoisseur and charcuterie board specialist behind PlatterByLu.


Born and raised in France... 

Lu was destined to work in something that brought to life the beauty of the French way and the very essence of time spent slowly enjoying food and coffee with people we love. Her grandmother saw her strengths when she would remind her of her nurturing capacity to ‘bring people together’. And she most definitely does connect people both here at the shop and beyond.


Having spent her initial career years in event planning and management in her homeland, Lu moved into the food and hospitality industry upon her move to Australia where she worked in a local cafe in the heart of Barwon Heads, one loved by gastronomes from far and wide. It was there that her enthusiasm really awakened and she thrived on the creativity + connectivity involved when it comes to matters of taste, thanks to Annie.

Later, and upon moving to Ireland...

with her partner with whom she shares the youngest fan of PlatterByLu, their daughter, Cloda, it was during the pandemic and through those long days in lockdown that her lifelong passion for food + sharing her niche gourmet finds brought her to the point of developing the beginnings of PlatterByLu.


Beginning with small batch cheese and charcuterie boards along with picnic boxes which she shared with friends and family, Lu fulfilled her first order on May 15th, 2020 and found herself very quickly and unexpectedly inundated with orders from far and wide.

Through the beauty of word of mouth, PlatterByLu began to take shape, growing into something Lu hadn’t previously imagined which is now a bricks and mortar location in Trim, Co. Meath. The shop has a small sit down area for a coffee with friends, a gourmet deli, the best coffee around, a take-away food offering and in general, it has lovingly become a destination that Lu is happy to call home for fellow coffee fanatics and food lovers. 



Brands we stock...

White Mausu (Peanut Rãyu)

Guastalla (Italian Cured Meat)

La Molisana (Italian Dried Pasta)

Blanco Niño (Bresilian Tortilla Chips)

Flore Creation (Dried Flowers)

Valhrona (Anything Chocolate)

Edmond Fallot (Mustards)

Burren (Balsamic Vinegars, Chutneys)

The Foods of Athenry (Gluten Free Crackers)

I am Nut Ok (Vegan Cheese)

Harry's Nut Butter (Peanut Butter)

Terre d'Oc (French Loose Tea Leaves)

Ruby's Cakes (Sourdough Breads)

Brie d'or (French Pastries)

Oatly (Oat Milk)

Big Red Kitchen (Jams and Chutneys)

Coffee Perfection (Coffee)

Wildberry Bakery (Gluten Free Cakes)

Tom and Ollie (Olives, Crackers, Pesto, Hummus,  Condiments)

Aqua panna (Water)

San Pellegrino (Sparkling Water)

Rivesci (Chutneys)

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